Google Pixel 6 Will Ditch The Under-Display Speaker

Pixel 6 earpiece speaker grille

Now that we’ve had a chance to dig into all the images that Google published on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro this morning, we’re starting to piece together what we can expect from these phones later this year. One thing we’re noticing is that, the Pixel 6 has a real earpiece speaker this time. Instead of an under-display one like the Pixel 5 sported.

Hat tip to 9to5Google for noticing this. But in the images that Google shared and that are on the Google Store page, we can see a slot above the under-display camera. It’s pretty tough to see, and it is pretty thin too. But it is definitely there. Of course, if the images were a bit higher-resolution, we could definitely see if that is indeed what it is.

This is good news for those looking to purchase the Pixel 6 this year. As the Pixel 5’s audio experience was not that great, due to that under-display speaker that it sported. It was not a good experience and the cheaper Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G offered a better experience.


This shouldn’t affect water proofing

Some of you might be worried that a speaker grille on the Pixel 6 might keep it from being an IP-rated water proof phone. Don’t be. Most smartphones that are waterproof have a speaker grille like this, and don’t have any issues. And you’ll also get a better sound experience here.

The Pixel 6 is said to be announced “later this fall”. We don’t have a specific date yet, but we expect to see it announced around the end of September or early October. As we have seen in the past. And it’s gearing up to be one of the bigger Pixel releases in recent memory. We’re definitely excited to learn more about these new Pixel smartphones in the next couple of months.