Google Has Some Big Ideas For The Future Of Pixel Cameras

pixel 6 9

Earlier this morning, Google confirmed the Pixel 6 series of smartphones, which are coming with some notable changes to the camera. Google seems to have some big ideas for the Pixel 6 series camera that could push it to new levels of quality. Though, this time around this isn’t just relying on software changes.

Every year the Pixel camera experience always scores pretty high with users. And every year it’s mostly because of the software. But this year Google is redoing the camera. And is set to offer users something different. This isn’t a complete departure from the way it’s been doing things thus far. But it is a refresh of sorts. With new camera sensors being added in, some new features, and more.

The Pixel 6 camera series is coming with three cameras

Both the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro will have three lenses on the back. But according to Google, only the Pixel 6 Pro will come with a fourth lens. A telephoto lens for magnifying objects in the image that are further away.


Google says it’s “leaving the telephoto feature to the Pros.” A short quip about the Pro having the feature while the non-Pro model doesn’t. The Pixel 6 Pro’s telephoto lens will have a 4x optical zoom on it. So nothing crazy. But it will still definitely add a touch of quality to images should you choose to utilize it. Making the Pixel cameras that much better than they’ve been in the past.

Aside from the telephoto lens, both models will have the same standard and ultrawide lenses. So the telephoto will be the only difference between the two devices.

The main camera lens can capture more light than previous phones

One improvement that both phones will enjoy is the ability to capture event more light with the main lens. According to one of the tweets in Google’s Made by Google thread, the main lens will be able to capture 150% more light than previous lenses.


Which means users will get images that look brighter than before. Google doesn’t state this is with the Night Mode setting either. So it should apply to just your standard photos. And that’s a pretty big improvement. It should also make it easier to get brighter images for anyone that doesn’t like messing with too many camera settings.

Google isn’t sharing any specs of the cameras just yet. But it has dumped a lot of information out there about the phones in general. All of which was confirmed during a preview this morning.