The Pixel 6 Camera Will Try To Fix Facial Blur In Images

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The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro camera will apparently try to fix facial blur that appears in any of your images. The details are reportedly confirmed by Google via demos that were given to multiple sources, according to Android Police.

Through every generation of Pixel smartphone, Google has prided itself on the features of its camera software. Which have ultimately led to the Pixel phones coming with some of if not the best smartphone cameras. Despite all of their cool features though, they weren’t without flaws.

Features like Portrait mode and some of the best clarity in photos were just a couple of benefits to expect. Pixel phone cameras have generally been pretty good with color accuracy too. Blurry photos not so much. And this seems to be an area Google was looking to improve upon with its latest devices.


The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro camera will try to fix facial blur in images

Essentially how Google is trying to pull this off involves the main camera lens and the ultrawide lens. The main lens will take a photo at the camera’s normal exposure timing. Meanwhile the ultrawide lens increases the shutter speed and takes a photo with a much shorter exposure time.

The phone camera then uses the Tensor chip inside along with the camera software to more or less combine the two images and remove any facial blur. At least that’s how Google has designed things to work. It’s unclear how well this will actually work in practice. But Google seems to be pretty confident/hopeful about the camera’s capabilities in this area.

Since this appears to be one of Google’s big focuses with this series of Pixel phones, users will probably hear more about it later leading up to the launch. Speaking of which, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro should launch sometime this fall. Google has already confirmed 8 countries where the phone will launch too.


The Pixel 6 and Pixel Pro are already shaping up to offer the best cameras of any Pixel ever. At least on paper. Given Google’s track record though, it’s unlikely these will fail to live up to past devices.