Check Out Google's Official Pixel 5a Promo Videos

Google Pixel 5a promo video screenshot

Google announced its new mid-range smartphone yesterday, the Pixel 5a. Along with the information about the device, Google also shared some official videos. To be more accurate, Google shared two Pixel 5a promo videos on YouTube, and we’re here to check them out.

Google shared two considerably different Pixel 5a promo videos

These two videos are considerably different. The first one has a duration of around three minutes, while the second one is a 30-second commercial, essentially.

We’ll talk about the longer one first, the “Get to Know the Budget-Friendly Pixel 5a With 5G”. That video is embedded below this paragraph, and it’s essentially a product introduction video.


In this video, you’ll be able to get a closer look at the phone, and find out about some of its features. First and foremost, Google mentioned that the Pixel 5a is the lowest-priced 5G Pixel phone out there.

The video also puts a high focus on the camera, and the Night Sight feature for low light photography. Portrait Light feature is also mentioned, while Google also boasts about its Titan M security chip.

IP67 rating and car crash detection feature are also mentioned in this video. Google even managed to squeeze in some promo content for the Pixel Buds earbuds.


The phone includes a rather large battery

To top it all off, the company also mentions a rather large battery that is included. Google included a 4,680mAh battery pack in this phone, which should make it excellent in the battery life department. The initial numbers we’re getting are extremely promising.

The second video, which is embedded below, is called “The All-Around Amazing Pixel 5a with 5G”. This video has considerably less content, which is understandable considering its duration.

This video puts focus on the design of the device, basically. It even emphasizes the power button change (it’s textured now), and color. The video is nowhere as informative as the first one, but that’s what you get in a 30-second commercial.


All in all, the Pixel 5a is very similar to its predecessor, the Pixel 4a 5G. Still, it’s more affordable from the get-go, and it does come with a considerably larger battery. It does seem like a compelling mid-range phone.