Google Pixel 5a Overheats While Recording 4k Videos

Google Pixel 5a AM AH 5

A tech reviewer reported that his Pixel 5a overheats when he wants to record 4K videos at 60fps. TechOdyssey has recently tweeted a picture of his Pixel 5a that shows a warning message for closing the camera app saying, “Device is too hot. Close Camera until Device cools off.”

According to TechOdyssey, the indoor temperature was 70°F, and the air conditioning was turned on. Recording at 60fps is the highest possible setting for video recording. However, it’s a strange case that a phone gets too hot only after a few seconds of recording at an ideal temperature.

What makes TechOdyssey tweets more worrying for Google is that he says his device also gets too hot when he wants to record at 4K 30fps or 1080P 30fps. It seems that TechOdyssey isn’t the only Pixel 5a owner that is dealing with overheating. Another Twitter user announced that her device has the same problem while recording at 4K 60fps.


Google can hope that this is just a hardware or software flaw for a few of the owners. Otherwise, Pixel 5a sales may be affected badly. However, we need to wait for more users testing video recording at 4K 60fps to see whether this is a big problem for Google.

Of course, Pixel 5a is not the only Google device that users report about its overheating. There have been many reports about the overheating problem at Pixel 5 devices when using the camera app. Although some users could fix the issue by switching from 5G to LTE, the issue still remains unfixed for many users.

If your Pixel 5a overheats, Google has a procedure for next time

The company has released a guide on its Support page that gives some helpful advice about dealing with overheating problems in Pixel devices. However, it doesn’t contain any practical solution for the issue.


According to Google, your device may get too hot in various situations. This includes recording high-definition videos. As well as making video calls and playing games. Even when downloading or uploading a lot of data. Over Wi-Fi and mobile connections mind you. Doing any of these while your phone charges can also cause overheating.

However, Google suggests keeping your phone away from direct heat or excessive sunlight or stop features or apps that take too many resources until your phone cools down. Moreover, reducing the phone’s display brightness and using appropriate phone cases are other possible solutions.