Google Pixel 5a Overheating Problems Get Worse

Google Pixel 5a AM AH 4

Google‘s brand new Pixel, the Pixel 5a seems to have some major problems with thermal management. The barely two-week-old device is apparently overheating when using the camera. Just a few days after its unveiling, reports emerged that the Pixel 5a gets too hot while shooting videos in 4K resolution. It prompts the user to close the camera and let the phone cool down. It appears the problem has only gotten worse over time. Android Central is reporting that their Pixel 5a unit is overheating while “just taking a bevy of photos” and a few short 1080p videos.

According to the report, the phone starts to slow down after using the camera continuously for a few minutes. It shows overheating warnings and eventually stops working, turning off the flash and later the camera. The device reportedly doesn’t get uncomfortably hot when these overheating warnings pop up though. This indicates the problem is caused by a software bug rather than a hardware flaw. The Camera app in the Pixel 5 is triggering the overheating warnings at quite low temperatures than it should.

But having said that, Google has yet to find out the cause of the problem. The publication has reached out to the company and it appears the issue is under investigation. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when a fix might arrive, neither does there seem to be any workaround.


Worse yet, the Pixel 5a problems don’t end there. The device also seemingly has some touchscreen issues. At least a couple of reports have confirmed issues with the touchscreen in the bottom half of the screen. And this one appears to be a software bug as well, as using the phone in safe mode doesn’t show any such issues. Google is also looking into this, so a fix should be on the way in the coming days.

Pixel 5 is also having similar overheating problems

The Pixel 5a isn’t the only Google phone showing overheating warnings when using the camera. Last year’s Pixel 5 — which shares a lot of specs with the Pixel 5a — is apparently having the same issue as well. Perhaps it’s got something to do with the Camera app for these phones.

Anyways, while it’s unclear how widespread the problem is, it could significantly affect the new Pixel’s sales. The device has just hit the store shelves a few days back. Hopefully, Google is working overtime to get the Pixel 5a overheating issues fixed as early as possible. We will let you know when a fix rolls out.