Google Pixel 5a 5G Doesn't Have The Best Display Protection

Google Pixel 5a AM AH 3

The Google Pixel 5a 5G doesn’t exactly have the best display protection. This handset doesn’t come with a layer of Gorilla Glass 6 as the reviewer’s guide indicated. Google included Gorilla Glass 3 instead.

The Pixel 5a 5G does not offer the best display protection

The Gorilla Glass 3 is mentioned on the company’s website, and that information is correct. That is something Michael Josh, a YouTuber, confirmed. He says that he double-checked with Google, just to be sure.

That is quite unfortunate. The Gorilla Glass 3 is quite old at this point, and it’s not on the level of Gorilla Glass 5, 6, and Victus. That is something I managed to find out this year, as I’ve been using the Pixel 4a as my daily driver.


The Google Pixel 4a also comes with the Gorilla Glass 3. I’ve also used a number of phones that feature newer and better protection. Let’s take the OnePlus 9 Pro as an example, as it has the Gorilla Glass 5 on top of its display.

That won’t be an issue if you use screen protectors

I have a tendency to remove the pre-installed screen protectors, if there are any, and use my phones without them. With Gorilla Glass 5, I never had issues with micro-scratches or anything of the sort. That’s not the case with the Pixel 4a.

Just to be clear, I’m quite careful when using my phones, and they do go into my pocket, but they’re alone in there. So I’m not entirely sure how the Pixel 4a got those scratches, but I’m going to guess from my pocket.


That has never happened with Gorilla Glass 5 for me, the same goes for Gorilla Glass 6 and Victus. Truth be said, I didn’t use a phone with Gorilla Glass Victus for an extended period of time, but still, I doubt the same would happen, based on my experience with Gorilla Glass 5 and 6.

I’m guessing the Pixel 5a 5G will have the same issue with micro scratches as the Pixel 4a. Those scratches are not exactly that bad, as you can only see them when the light reflects off of display under a certain angle. Still, it can be annoying once you spot them and know they’re there. Also, it can affect the resale price tag.