Google Meet Can Now Alert Users When They’re Causing An Echo

Google Meet

Google Meet comes with a ton of built-in features to improve the quality of group video calls. One of the newest additions to the platform is the ability to identify the origins of the echo and notify the user accordingly. In addition to letting the user know when they’re causing an echo, Google Meet will now offer recommendations on cutting down echoes during a call.

The user causing an echo will be notified with a red badge on the options button accompanied by a text notification. Tapping the options button will take you to the Troubleshooting & Help section for “Audio & video devices.”

As 9to5Google points out, Google Meet already has the ability to remove echoes from group calls. Despite these measures, echoes can still make their way into group calls. This update should go a long way in rectifying such incidents. Prior to this update, it was almost impossible to tell which user in the call is causing the echo.


Troubleshooting steps include wearing headphones, lowering the speaker volume, etc

So how does one reduce echo from their group calls on Google Meet? Well, Google recommends lowering your speaker volume, muting yourself when you’re not speaking, or simply by using headphones. This feature is enabled by default and hence won’t require manual intervention.

Google said that the feature is rolling out now and should be available to all Google Workspace users over the coming weeks, including G Suite Business and Basic customers.

In June this year, Google updated the ‘Raise your hand’ feature on Meet to make it more visible to participants of the call. This is a crucial feature for group calls, allowing participants to make their voices heard without interrupting the speaker.


In another recent change, free users were limited to just 60 minutes of group video calling. This was down from the previous limit of 24 hours. Users would receive a notification 55 minutes into their group call, alerting them of time running out. However, free users can restart the group video call and have it going for another hour.  Free users can have up to 100 participants per group call, while paying users can have up to 250 people in a group call.