Google Assistant "Daylong Routines" Update Is Now Rolling Out

google assistant trigger

According to 9to5Google, Google has updated Assistant. The new update brings support for Google Assistant “Daylong Routines”. So what does this mean? Simply put it will allow you to control your routines easier. “Daylong Routines” will let your actions automatically trigger at different times throughout the day.

This is good news for any user out there who wants to automate everything. It is handy to have certain actions take place at certain times. For example, you could have an action that automatically sets your home alarm.

This is great for anybody with a habit of forgetting things. It is also easy to set up the routine. When you go to create a new routine from the assistant settings you will see the settings page looks different. That new page will have a bar at the bottom asking if you “want to schedule a Daylong Routine.”.

Well of course you do.  So you just tap yes, and then Google Assistant will let you choose what days you want your routines to run. In addition to this, it will ask you to choose what time zone you are in as well. Not so bad so far.


Google Assistant “Daylong Routines” will make automating your day easier.

The next step will have you go under Actions and add a time. After choosing the time you will choose an action. Now, this is where things get cool. You can continue adding times and actions. This is what allows you to create a “Daylong Routine.”.

Users will literally be able to automate an entire day. Google is making things even easier in this update. At the top of the screen, you will see a toggle that says “Enable Routine”. This toggle will allow you to easily disable the routine.

Of course, this isn’t exactly a groundbreaking update. But it does allow users to make things a bit easier. This quality-of-life update will let users automate their entire day. From turning your lights on automatically at a set time. To set your home alarm. To having your lights turn off at night at a certain time.

It is 2021 so the ability to completely automate your day isn’t too surprising. Especially when the world has foldable devices. But, it is very appreciated that Google is releasing this update to make things slightly easier.


Keep your eyes peeled for the update. It is currently rolling out to users. So of course, if you do not have the latest update it’s okay. Take a deep breath and just wait for the update to hit your device.