Galaxy Watch 4 May Surprise Us With Excellent Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic AH 08

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series is right around the corner, and it may surprise us with its excellent battery life. According to a new report, the Galaxy Watch 4 may offer a 7-day battery life.

Excellent Galaxy Watch 4 battery life is tipped, but don’t get your hopes up

If that information ends up being true, it would be a huge boost over the Galaxy Watch 3. Most people were able to get 2-3 days with the Galaxy Watch 3. If you’re a heavy user, 1-2 day battery life was more realistic.

The Galaxy Watch 4 may go above and beyond that, despite the fact it will run Wear OS, not Tizen. That is also quite surprising, as Wear OS smartwatches mostly needed charging every day. Google did announce a new version of Wear OS recently, and it is seemingly a huge improvement over Wear OS 2.0.


Now, this report claims that “the battery life is stated by various sources with up to seven days”. It is worth noting that “up to seven days” probably doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get such longevity with regular usage.

The Galaxy Watch 4 will likely ship with a power-saving mode, or something of the sort, to keep the device running for as long. That is only a guess, of course. Expecting a 7-day battery life on regular usage, from a Wear OS device, may be asking for too much.

1-3 days’ worth of battery life is probably more realistic

If we had to guess, we’d say you can expect 1-3 days’ worth of battery on regular usage. That’s just a hunch, though, based on previous Wear OS versions. It could be inaccurate, though, we’ll have to wait and see.


In case you’d like to check out a seemingly official spec sheet of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, a tipster shared it recently. A tipster called ‘Snoopy’ shared it in the form of an image on Twitter, and that tweet is embedded below.