Galaxy S21 Sales Are Far Worse Than Samsung Had Hoped

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A new report claims that the Galaxy S21 sales are far worse than Samsung had hoped. Even though initial sales in Q1 seemed promising, the second quarter of this year is quite disappointing.

The Galaxy S21 sales disappoint, as they’re lower than both the Galaxy S10 & S20 sales

This information comes from Business Post, which is citing Kiwoom Securities. It seems like the Galaxy S21 sales numbers are lower compared to devices from previous years. In other words, the Galaxy S10 and S20 were selling better for the company.

This is quite surprising considering that the Galaxy S21 series reached a four-year high in just one month on the market. On top of that, the domestic sales numbers were 30-percent better compared to the Galaxy S20, initially.


Just to give you an idea of how poor the Galaxy S21 sales numbers are compared to the Galaxy S20, let’s just say that Samsung registered 20-percent lower sales for the Galaxy S21, compared to its predecessor. That goes for the first six months of the devices being on the market.

In comparison to the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S21 sales were down 47-percent, after the first two quarters. Needless to say, this is disappointing for Samsung. In the general order of things, though, Samsung did sell a ton of Galaxy S21 units, of course.

Releasing the Galaxy S21 series early did not help the company

Samsung was hoping that releasing the Galaxy S21 series early, and thus trumping the competition, will help, but it didn’t. Interest in the Galaxy S21 devices is not as high as the company had hoped.


It will be interesting to see will the Galaxy S22 series change things around for the company or not. The Galaxy S22 series is expected to ship with Samsung’s Exynos chip that includes an AMD GPU.

On top of that, the company may make some more significant design changes, such as including an under-display camera or something of the sort. It will also be interesting to see when will the Galaxy S22 series launch. Samsung may go for an early launch again, or wait for February, we’ll see.