Fix For The Missing Weather Icon On Android Auto Interface Is Coming

Android Auto New Design

The Android Auto interface went through some changes a couple of years ago. This resulted in the removal of the nifty, quick weather icon. Soon, Google realized its importance and restored the Android Auto weather icon back.

Notably, the company introduced back the quick weather icon back in February 2020. The quick weather icon was now placed on the top bar of the UI in a card.

It showed a bunch of important information such as the current temperature and conditions on your location. The information is based on online forecasting services. However, for some Android Auto users, the icon was still not visible.

In a forum post that was published back in March 2021, several Android Auto users claimed that the quick weather icon was not available on their Android Auto interface, even though it has been over a year since its re-addition.


Thankfully, in a reply, back on July 15, 2021, Google said that it is aware of the issue. A member of the Android Auto team said that the issue has been raised to the concerned team, and a fix is on its way.

A week later, a response was posted by an Android Auto team member suggesting that the company has implemented a few changes with the new update “that might solve the problem.”

Unfortunately, even the Android Auto v6.7 or any of the server-side updates hasn’t fixed the issue

The Android Auto member also recommended the users update the app on their devices to the latest version. Interestingly, the member did not mention specifically if the “missing weather icon” issue was fixed or not.

In fact, their response included a request from users to let Google know if the problem persists. Unfortunately, after updating, users found out that the fix was not included.


Even the latest Android Auto app version 6.7 hasn’t fixed the issue, and the weather icon is missing. Moreover, the issue is still not addressed in any of the non-beta or server-side updates that have rolled out recently.

Looking at the forum post, there are currently a huge number of Android Auto users on various devices, for whom the weather icon is still missing.

As of now, Google is yet to respond to all these users, because none of the updates has been able to fix the problem. All we can do is hope that Google is aware of this issue. And more importantly, is working on rolling out a fix quickly.