Blizzard Confirms Diablo Immortal Has Been Delayed Until 2022

Diablo Immortal 11

Blizzard today has confirmed that Diablo Immortal is being delayed until 2022. The announcement followed Activision Blizzard’s most recent quarterly earnings call, which covered a wide array of different topics. Including the fact that Call Of Duty: Mobile will likely make $1 Billion in consumer spending for 2021. That’s a lot of cash to fill the Activision Blizzard coffers. And it only continues to prove that bringing its biggest franchises to mobile is a winning strategy for the company.

According to Blizzard, and echoed by the game’s director Wyatt Cheng, Diablo Immortal is being delayed to help make improvements. Initially it was planned for a 2021 release. And it looked like the game was on track to hit that mark, especially after the success of the game’s closed alpha which ended a little earlier this year.

But, the game’s development team really is taking player feedback to heart. Citing that the feedback has led it to decide on some changes that will improve the whole game. And because of these changes, the 2021 release window can no longer be met.

Diablo Immortal has been delayed until the first half of 2022

Unfortunately, right now there is no exact launch date for the game now that it’s been delayed. But to be fair, Blizzard hadn’t given an exact launch date for 2021 either. So not much has changed in that regard.


What has changed is simply the overall window of release. So expect the launch to be at a minimum of six months away, and at most a year.

Improvements will focus on PvE and PvP content

The Diablo Immortal dev team will be focusing on more than a few things with the extra development time. But some big focuses will be on PvE content and PvP content.

On the PvE side of things, players have said they wanted bounties and high-tier challenge rifts to be more meaningful and rewarding. Bounties for example will now all be for the same zone when you pick up all four at the same time.

And high-tier challenge rifts will now reward players with crafting materials that won’t drop from any other activities. So there is more incentive to do the higher level rifts. Raids are also getting some fine tuning. Specifically, the Helliquary System will be getting some new 8-man raids. And Helliquary bosses are now being designed to be more challenging, requiring the participation of 8 total players.


For PvP, there are some revamps being made to the Battlegrounds system. This includes things like character balancing, damage output, rankings, time to kill and more. Blizzard also plans to optimize the Cycle of Strife feature. An endgame system that was introduced with the closed alpha.

Diablo Immortal is officially getting controller support

While the game’s touch controls are very good, a lot of players want controller support. Today, Blizzard confirmed that controller support is coming. That’s basically all the details given though. Blizzard says it’s continuing to try and optimize the game for use with controllers so it feels just as seamless as the touch controls.

If you want to read the full development update for the game, you can do so here.