8 Apps That Will Help You Run Your Business From Your Smartphone

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Is there anything more demanding than running a business? There is always somebody you need to speak to or something that needs to be done. Often, there are never enough hours in the day!

Fortunately, mobile technology has evolved to play a huge part in the day-to-day running of small businesses. We now have apps we can use on the go. If we’re on the train to work, waiting for an appointment, or even sitting on the toilet, we can get things done using our mobile devices.

There are tons of apps that we can use to help us run our businesses using our mobile devices, but which are the best? This list will provide exactly that, the best apps for your business!


1. The Wix Owner App

If you run your business website using Wix, you should not be without the Wix Owner App. This app will allow you to manage and grow your business using your Android smartphone or tablet whilst on the go. Using this app, you can chat to website visitors via the live chat function, track your website analytics in real-time, review and manage bookings and orders, and a whole heap more!

2. Quickbooks

Processing payroll and invoices is a royal pain in the neck, especially if you’re out of town and do not have access to a computer. However, apps such as Quickbooks can help to numb that pain somewhat. When you’re out and about but still need to get paid and pay others, Quickbooks makes the entire process so much easier.

3. Slack

Gone are the days where we relied on email for our online communication. Now we have messengers and team collaboration apps that allow us to communicate in real-time. Email has a purpose, but being able to send instant messages to your team is far more convenient. The best app for this is Slack, as you can share files, collaborate with your entire team in one place, and take part in video conferences. If performing the latter, make sure you use earphones such as the OnePlus Buds, unless you want everyone around you to hear your important business chat!


4. Evernote

Email is not the only thing to have less importance in the modern age, the pen, pencil and notepad is a thing of the past too. Step forward note apps such as Evernote which allow you to quickly jot down ideas, things to do, shopping lists, and more. This app allows you to store and organize your notes, add tags, and share them with others.

5. Upwork

Many businesses use freelancing sites to find and hire people to help complete projects or perform menial tasks. However, when you’re without a computer, browsing profiles, applications, and speaking to potential freelancers is not always easy. Fortunately, Upwork, which is one of the biggest freelancing sites, does away with this issue via its innovative Android app. You can now do all the above on your tablet or smartphone. You will never miss an application or message, lose a top freelancer to a competitor, or forget to pay a milestone payment again!

6. Google Drive

Cloud storage is all the rage and Google Drive is easily one of the best apps you can use when you want to store, share, and collaborate on files. Using this app, you can upload documents such as Word docs, spreadsheets, and more, and share them with others and let them edit them in real-time. Essentially, it is a central location for all of your important files and one that you can give access to those that need it.


7. LastPass

The trouble with having so many accounts on different apps and software is that managing your account details for each can prove difficult. How many times have you had to reset passwords because you cannot remember them? It is time-consuming and frustrating. However, with password managers such as LastPass, this never needs to be an issue again. It remembers and stores all the login details for websites, apps, and software. All you need to access it is your master password for the app itself.

8. Teamviewer

Sometimes there is no getting around it, we really need access to our computer. Perhaps there is a file stored locally that we need right now, or perhaps an employee is struggling to access something. With Teamviewer, you can actually take control of a computer remotely. Using the app, you can access the computer as if it were right in front of you.

The Takeaway

Using the above list of magnificent Android apps, managing your business when out and about will prove easier than ever. Whether you need to collaborate with your employees, source new freelancers, or share files, this is all possible using your smartphone or tablet! There are tons of other excellent apps too, so why not check out the Google Play Store to see what else your business will benefit from?