YouTube TV Picks Up Three New Add-On Channels For $4.99 Each

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YouTube TV is picking up three new add-on channels this week. According to a CordCuttersNews report, the new channels – Docurama, Dove Channel, and CONtv – will be available as optional subscriptions to YouTube TV users for $4.99 per month each. All of these channels come from Los Angeles, California-based entertainment company Cinedigm.

Docurama, as the name suggests, will focus on documentaries. It will bring together biographies, true-crime stories, behind-the-scenes interviews, and other popular real story-based films and TV series to the fans. Its curated collection of award-winning titles include Gangster Empire: Rise of the Mob, Beatles: How the Beatles Changed the World, and Rick Steves’ Europe.

Dove Channel is also mostly a niche offering catering to kids and families. It will offer a wide range of content that is suitable for everyone. Popular titles in the offering include comedy classics like Abbot and Costello, young adult series H20: Just Add Water and The Saddle Club, and more.


Lastly, CONtv is home to everything from action and thriller films to horror, anime, and sci-fi/fantasy hits. 2019 thriller Acceleration (featuring Dolph Lundgren and Sean Patrick Flannery), 2015 action film 4GOT10 (Danny Trejo, Johnny Messner, and Dolph Lundgren), and 2013 thriller mystery Anna (also known as Mindscape) featuring Mark Strong and Taissa Farmiga are some of the titles available in this channel.

“Cinedigm is thrilled to expand the footprint of our streaming channels and introduce a whole new streaming audience to our enthusiast channels on YouTube TV,” said Jennifer Soltesz, a Vice President at the company. “We look forward to launching additional channels to YouTube TV’s line-up of add-on channels over the next couple of months.”

More add-on channels are coming to YouTube TV as subscription prices soar

YouTube TV has nearly doubled the subscription prices since its launch in 2017. The service originally cost $35 per month. The first hike came in early 2018, a $5 raise to $40. The prices went up again by $10 in April 2019 to $50. And in June last year, a $15 hike took the prices to $65.


In the meantime, the service also picked up new channels and features that cost extra. Less than two weeks ago, YouTube TV added features like 4K streaming and downloads for an additional fee of $19.99 per month. Now, it is getting more add-on channels.

Cinedigm offers seven days of free trial with all three new channels on YouTube TV. After that, each channel will add $4.99 to your monthly bill. You can access them on the web here.