YouTube Stadia Crowd Play Is Back With A New Beta Application

Stadia AH

Google is now officially re-opening beta for Stadia Crowd Play, reports indicate, letting YouTube content creators participate in games directly with subscribers. Creators will need a Stadia Account and to fill out a short application to get started.

Stadia Crowd Play is essentially a way for YouTubers to livestream their gameplay and let fans join in. YouTubers start up their game and subscribers simply click on a button to join a queue. Once they’re in the game, they are effectively able to take part in the livestream of the gameplay. Taking fan interaction on YouTube to an entirely new level. As well as giving fans an opportunity to try out Stadia at a click.

What’s in the application for Stadia Crowd Play for YouTube creators?

The application, as might be expected, is fairly straightforward. It questions users on their name and gmail credentials, as well as where they live. Whether they have an active Stadia account is another thing Google wants to know before granting access.

Additionally, the application asks questions to garner feedback on the latter service. Including which platform users are playing on, what games they’re interested in using with Crowd Play. Details about their YouTube channel and subscriber counts will also be required. And Google is additionally interested in how they like Stadia and other Google products.


The present list of games shown on the application cooresponds to the games available as part of the initial beta. But it does have quite a few heavy-hitters. For instance Borderlands 3, Dead by Daylight, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Mortal Kombat 11, Outcasters, and Samurai Shodown are included. In addition to Crayta, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game, and Super Bomberman R Online.

How can you get started during the beta?

Now, it’s not immediately clear why, but this follows an initial release approximately a year ago. Then Google also opened up the feature to a wider audience before removing the feature. This is basically a second beta run. And, as noted above, Stadia Crowd Play for YouTube is still very much a beta feature. So there’s no easy way to just sign up and try it out. Instead, the search giant has set up an application page for creators that want to try it out first.

Of course, there’s a few big prerequisites for the sign up. To begin with, users actually need to have a Stadia account. And that’s likely in addition to having a large enough following. One of the above-mentioned games will also be required, whether that’s gained via Stadia Pro or purchased on Stadia.