YouTube Shorts Rolling Out Globally To Compete With TikTok

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YouTube Shorts is now rolling out globally, as it’s looking to compete with TikTok. This is YouTube’s very own short-form video experience that has been around for a while, but it wasn’t available globally.

YouTube Shorts is now rolling out globally, to over 100 countries

YouTube Shorts are now hitting over 100 countries, so you’ll basically be able to use it anywhere. As a reminder, this service started its story in India last year, and then it expanded to around 26 additional countries, including the US.

It is worth noting that YouTube Shorts doesn’t come as a separate app. It is a part of YouTube, and thus already has a huge userbase to access. Do note that this service is still in beta, though.


YouTube is definitely gunning for TikTok with this service, but TikTok is not sitting idle either. The company recently announced that its users can now upload videos that are up to three minutes in length.

TikTok moved a step closer to YouTube

TikTok started with 1-minute videos, so this is quite a change for the company. It now moved a step closer to what YouTube is offering as a service, as 3-minute videos bring considerably different content to the table.

It remains to be seen how many creators will take advantage of that, though. The main appeal of TikTok are shorter videos, but… it’s good to have options.


YouTube Shorts service is expected to exit the beta stage in the near future. It remains to be seen how will it do on a global stage, though. YouTube is a huge platform, needless to say, and integrating Shorts into the app was a great idea for the company.

If YouTube opted to release YouTube Short as a separate app, chances are it wouldn’t be able to compete, at least not in the near future. This way it has the potential to compete with TikTok directly, and do a good job of doing so.