YouTube Music May Soon Get A Search Filter To Find Offline Downloads

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One of the biggest complaints YouTube Music users had was how the app somewhat neglects the offline content. Thankfully, YouTube Music is seen testing a new search filter to find offline downloads in the Library.

In a report by 9To5Google, apart from the Library filter, YouTube Music was recently caught testing a ‘Downloads’ tab in search. This would allow for easy search and handling of offline content within the app.

Currently, all the content including downloaded songs, albums, and playlists, etc. can be found in the Library tab. Here, you get a ‘Recent activity’ carousel and all the content that is stored locally.


Apparently, YouTube Music’s Recent activity carousel does not have the ability to ‘Shuffle all.’ There is an app shortcut that lets you “Play Offline Mixtape”. However, downloaded content is not easy to organize.

Now, with the new ‘Downloads’ tab in the search filter, users will be able to refine results and easily find their offline content. Note that the ‘Library’ filter is not yet live for everyone.

Similarly, the ‘Downloads’ tab in the search feature was only spotted by a single user. So, there is no information on when YouTube Music plans to introduce both features.


These new features are YouTube Music’s concerted effort to refine the experience

For a long time, since the shut down of Google Play Music, Google has projected YouTube Music as its sole alternative from the company.

During the process, it has helped Play Music users migrate to YouTube Music by providing tools and guides on how they can transfer their Play Music content over to YouTube Music.

Moreover, the company has also introduced plenty of features to enhance the experience of the app. And in conjunction with that, both the under testing features are YouTube Music’s concerted effort to refine the overall experience.


There is no exact time or date on when these features will go live for users. Hopefully both features will see the light of the day in the coming months or so.

Recently, Google has also introduced various UI tweaks for YouTube Music. While additionally adding options to allow users to start playing their favorite tunes quickly.

As per the screenshot of the ‘Downloads’ tab in the search feature, the library section looks more organized than before. The image shows media content grouped by ‘Songs’ and ‘Albums’ with the new filter. Though there is no clarity if this works without an internet connection or not.


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