Microsoft Prepares To Add Xbox Game Pass Support To Android TV

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Are you an Android TV user who wishes that Xbox Game Pass was properly supported on the platform? Well, it seems that you may be getting closer to getting your wish. A new report from 9To5Google showcases that the Xbox Game Pass app now has an icon on the Android TV homescreen.

This would suggest that Microsoft is making a conscious decision to advance the prospect of support for Android TV devices. And, that makes sense, given that Stadia is now officially supported. As is GeForce NOW on certain TVs. While this is a step in the right direction, there’s still work to be done. And likely a good chunk of it at that.

The Xbox Game Pass app still has to be sideloaded on Android TV

The icon for the Game Pass app may now be visible from the homescreen. But you still reportedly have to sideload the actual application. Which means the app doesn’t have proper support on the platform yet.


In addition to being less convenient to install, functionality and performance doesn’t seem to have gotten much of an improvement either. Worth noting is that sideloading the app gets you access to the Android version. 9To5Google states that support for non-touch controls isn’t really any better than before. And navigation around the UI still chugs along.

Case in point, using Xbox Game Pass on Android TV sounds a lot less enjoyable than on other devices. Like say, mobile with a controller or through your PC. Still, if this is your only option personally, then something is better than nothing.

This doesn’t change the fact that Microsoft hasn’t officially confirmed a launch date for proper Android TV support. And if the company ever does, who’s to say that support would show up soon after an announcement.


As things stand right now, Game Pass seems to be best enjoyed elsewhere. But for Android TV enthusiasts, support seems to be on the way. And that’s a plus.

If you have the equipment, you could easily access Game Pass on the big screen by plugging a PC into it. That way you still get a similar experience.