Why Does Roborock's Auto-Empty Dock Look So Different From Others? We Have Answers!

Roborock Auto Empty Dock AM AH 11

Roborock announced its first Auto-Empty Dock back in January, it was more of a tease with the release of the Roborock S7. But now we have one in hand, and it should be going on sale very soon. However, the Auto-Empty Dock does look quite a bit different from the other competitors on the market. Showing two silos, instead of just on large area where the dust bag would live.

So why does Roborock’s Auto-Empty Dock look so different? And why is it one of the last companies to release an Auto-Empty Dock? We asked Roborock for some answers, and they are pretty interesting.

There are different variants of the Auto-Empty Dock for different regions

If you’ve been looking for more information on the Roborock Auto-Empty Dock, there’s no doubt that you have seen a few different looking models around the internet. And that’s because Roborock is going to have essentially three different models available.


In Asia, there will be a model that is completely transparent. This is going to allow for users to go bagless with the dock. Which does look cool, and makes it easier to see when you need to empty it.

Now in the US, the dock is a bit more translucent, as you can see from the pictures throughout this post. The only option with the US model is to use the dustbag. Meanwhile in Europe, users will be getting a hybrid model that will allow for using a bag or going bagless.

These three models will also vary in size and capacity, Roborock has confirmed to AndroidHeadlines.


The Auto-Empty Dock sucks dirt in from the mainbrush

The team at Roborock looked at a few different ways to actually empty the vacuum, automatically when it is docked. They had to make sure it worked with the features of the Roborock S7, like the VibraRise (where it lifts the mop pad off of the ground). The team also wanted to optimize the dock and its airflow without changing the size of the dustbin or the water tank. Basically, the more space that the dock’s airflow needs to use, the less space there would be for the dustbin and water tank.

So, Roborock decided to use a unique design where the mainbrush is used as the outlet to empty the dustbin. Because the dock empties the dustbin by sucking the dirt through the mainbrush, it is able to empty larger debris. In testing, Roborock says it was able to empty debris as large as an M5 screw. Which is fairly large.

While some other robot vacuums with auto-empty docks on the market do also suck the dirt through the mainbrush, the difference with Roborock is that it is able to empty larger debris. Others will struggle with these larger debris. So that’s a big win for the Roborock Auto-Empty Dock.


Roborock Auto Empty Dock AM AH 06 2

There’s a H13 HEPA-rated multi-stage filtration system inside

Filtration and cleanliness is a big focus-point for the Auto-Empty Dock.

The dock has a H13 HEPA-rated multi-stage filtration system, which was designed to tackle a potential problem. Which is the strong airflow on the dock could cause dust to leak out. And that would make the experience of using the dock a bit less pleasant. So using this filtration system, it allows the dirt and dust to go through the system, before heading into the dustbag. Hence the reason why there are two silos on the dock. Compared to one large compartment on competitors’ versions of their docks.


You might be surprised to learn that the dust bag is actually kind of small, for the silo that it sits in. After much research by the team at Roborock, it decided to settle on a bag that could hold about two months worth of dirt and dust, because it could become a hotspot for bacteria and mold growth. Roborock has also treated its dustbags with an antibacterial agent which will provide protection from bacteria growth, and making it cleaner to use for weeks.

Roborock quietly made the best Auto-Empty Dock out there

While Roborock was late to the market with its own Auto-Empty Dock, it is currently the best option out there. And that’s for a number of reasons. Firstly, the fact that it will work with all future robot vacuums as well as the S7. Instead of offering a new dock for each new robot vacuum, like some of its competitors do. And because Roborock is selling it separately, you won’t need to replace your dock when you upgrade your robot vacuum and save some cash.

Secondly, it has the H13 HEPA filter inside, which is going to be great for those with allergies. That’s something you won’t find in almost any other robot vacuum dock. Majority of these docks just have a bag that the dirt gets sucked into. But that’s not the case for the Roborock Auto-Empty Dock, it goes through a few filters and then into the bag.


We don’t yet know the price of the Roborock Auto-Empty Dock, but we are expecting it to be close to $299. Which is similar to the pricing of competitors on the market, and it’s a better option in our opinion.