The Wear OS Material You Play Store Design Is On Its Way

AH Wear OS watchface image 1

Google has officially confirmed that the Play Store Material You design for Wear OS is starting to roll out to users and devices. Earlier this month, the new design started hitting a few users, but Google hadn’t announced the release push.

Today however, the official Wear OS Twitter showed off a short GIF detailing the new look. And in a slightly longer post on the Wear OS community, Google elaborates on the changes to come so users know what to expect. The new Material You design for the Play Store will be part of the wider release of the overall new Wear OS design.

Although, the Play Store look will be headed to most of the current Wear OS watches. Whereas the new hybrid wearables platform developed by Google and Samsung will most likely not.


The Material You Play Store design will hit watches on Wear OS 2.0 and up

Google doesn’t note any specific dates in its post. But it does say “over the coming weeks” in regards to rollout timing. In that time frame, users that are on Wear OS 2.0 and up will be seeing these changes to the Play Store style.

Of course that doesn’t mean that everyone will be getting the new look on their watches at the same time. As is usually the case, this rollout will be staggered so Google can make sure that it hits every user that it’s supposed to.

If you have a Wear OS watch that you’re actively using, keep an eye out for this new look. Because it comes with some useful improvements in addition to the different style.


The Play Store now prompts purchases from the watch to open on phones

There’s a small handful of improvements on the way, and one of those is a better interaction between users and in-app purchases from the watch interface. With the new design, purchases will reliably prompt purchase pages to open on phones.

But, that’s not all. There’s also new search filters that have been implemented. Allowing users to add in specific keywords that narrow down the results of something they’re trying to hunt down. For instance, you could add the word “watch” to your search to be fed more relevant app results.