Waze Will Warn You About Traffic Jams & Detours Before You Start Moving

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Popular navigation application, Waze is adding a new feature to let users make more informed choices before they start moving. Notably, according to Engadget, Waze is revamping the pre-drive screen to deliver more info.

The Google-owned company will show more information such as traffic levels, alternate routes or paths, real-time reports, toll info, to its users right on the pre-drive screen.

This will enable the user to make an informed decision on which path to go for and navigate more easily without facing much hassle on the road to their destination.


In an official blog, Waze says just like we love having options for dinner locations, music playlists, movies, etc to suit the moment based on our priorities, you will now be able to have more options to go for A to B points as per your liking.

This new Waze trip preview feature will help users to know if the normal path is congested with traffic? or there are multiple tools on the selected path? or if there is a short way to the destination?

Waze’s new feature will answer the “why” for the newly suggested path

Being a human instinct, the first question that will pop up when Waze will recommend an alternate route is “why”. Notably, Waze’s new feature will also give you the answer to that.


It will show you why the suggested route is the best alternate path to your destination. Moreover, it will also show if the new path is the shortest, the cheapest, or the fastest way to reach your destination.

Do note that you can still go ahead and select the normal path if you wish. However, if you come across any hurdles such as traffic, water-logging, or anything for that matter in your normal path, you would know what is to blame.

The answer is yourself, for not going in with Waze’s suggested path. Waze says that the new experience or feature is already rolling out for users across the world.


Besides, the feature is now available for users on both Android and iOS devices. In the recent past, this is one of the most important updates that Waze has received in recent memory.

Although there is the automatic route planning feature in Waze, which is normally used by its users, the alternate route suggestions give the user more control to reach their destination in a more efficient and hassle-free way.

If you haven’t received the new feature, then you may want to check out for a new update on the Google Play Store.


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