This Is What Vivo's First Foldable Smarpthone Will Be Called

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 AM AH 19

It’s not exactly a secret that Vivo is planning to announce its first foldable smartphone this year. Well, a well-known tipster has just revealed the name of Vivo’s first foldable smartphone.

Vivo’s first foldable smartphone will be called the ‘NEX Fold’, as expected

This information comes from Ice Universe, who claims that the device will be called ‘NEX Fold’. He tweeted out that information, while confirming that the Vivo NEX 5 won’t launch this year. That name was to be expected to be used, as Vivo trademarked it last month. This is just a confirmation from a reliable source.

Ice Universe said that the Vivo NEX Fold is coming before the end of 2021. We still don’t know when will that happen, though. It could launch at the very end of the year, or perhaps even before Q4 comes around.


Xiaomi is expected to announce more foldables in 2021, one or two more. Samsung is also expected to deliver a couple, while Google will allegedly present its first foldable smartphone this year as well.

Those of you who are planning to get a foldable smartphone in 2021, you’ll have plenty to choose from. OPPO and Motorola have allegedly decided to postpone their foldable smartphone launches for 2022.

No additional information about the device surfaced, not yet

Now, in regards to the Vivo NEX Fold, we really don’t have any information about the device. All we know is that it’s coming this year, that’s something that several sources confirmed thus far.


We don’t know if it will be a Galaxy Z Fold 3-like device, or a Z Flip 3-like handset. In other words, we’re not sure if it will be a foldable tablet, or a foldable phone.

If we had to guess, though, we’d say that it will be similar to the Z Fold 3. That form factor seems to be more popular when it comes to foldable smartphones, which makes sense, as it gives you a huge display to work with when unfolded.

Some information regarding the Vivo NEX Fold is expected to surface soon, so we’ll hopefully be able to answer some of the questions regarding it soon.