Verizon Hold Top Spot For Performance And Reliability

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The three American signal carriers are still battling for market supremacy. Each company has its own strengths that it brings to the table. Now, thanks to a new announcement from the company, we know that Verizon’s network performance is at the top of the pack.

Verizon’s network performance was rated by RootMetrics

It’s tough naming an objective winner in the carrier space. There are different factors that need to be considered when deciding which company is the best. There’s network speed, reliability, coverage, the prices it charges, features, and so on.

Verizon came out to say that it scored a win in the network performance and reliability department. Based on the latest RootMetrics report, Verizon took home the most amount of awards. All of this pertains to the first half of 2021.


When it comes to metropolitan areas, Verizon won 783 awards with AT&T in second place at 586 awards and T-Mobile in last with 235. These are large areas that are extremely cluttered with people. Performance is perhaps the most important in these areas.

As for reliability, accessibility, and calling, Verizon was able to beat out the other two companies. On a scale of 1 – 100, Verizon scored a 96.5 in reliability, a 94.8 in accessibility, and a 94.5 for calling. AT&T scored 95.9, 93.6, and 93.2, respectively. T-Mobile scored 90.9, 90.6, and 85.5, respectively.

Factoring in reliability, accessibility, speed, texting, calling, and data, each company is awarded an overall score from 1 – 100. Verizon won with a score of 96. AT&T and T-Mobile walked away with 95.6 and 90.3, respectively. This marks the 16th time in a row that Verizon’s network performance won the award for overall best performance and reliability.


This doesn’t mean that the other companies didn’t bring home any wins

While Verizon won the best overall, AT&T and T-Mobile are no slouches. When it comes to average data speeds across the states, AT&T takes home the gold. T-Mobile brings up the rear with an average of 30.3Mbps with Verizon in 2nd place at 34.4Mbps. AT&T towers over them with 40.9Mbps.

While T-Mobile is in last place in many of the categories, it makes up for it with coverage. T-Mobile covers more than 90% of the US interstate miles. AT&T covers about 68% and Verizon covers about 51%.

Also, T-Mobile has the highest 5G availability in a single city compared to the others. 98.6% of Wichita, Kansas is covered with T-Mobile’s 5G. AT&T’s highest availability is in Columbus, Ohio with 97.6%. Verizon’s highest is in Salt Lake City, Utah with 89.5%.


All in all, when it comes to choosing the carrier for you, it’s best to take into account the different factors that affect the user experience. There are certain advantages and drawbacks that you will have to deal with.