Twitter Announces That 'Fleets' Are Already Going Away

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Before every social media platform wanted to clone TikTok, they all drew inspiration from Snapchat. Different platforms created their own version of Stories. Twitter’s take on that is its Fleets. Now, we just got word that Fleets are going away. This was announced by a blog post from the company.

Lack of interest, that’s why Fleets are going away

The blog post explains a lot about why Twitter created the Fleets feature, why they are going away, and where the company wants to go from here. This could give some insight to what the company might want to do next. Large social media platforms are always looking for ways to shake things up and stay ahead of the curve.

The post explains why Twitter brought the axe down on Fleets. Basically, they looked at the number of users who actually used the feature, and it didn’t reach their expectations. The blog post referred to an anxiety that people have that keeps them from tweeting. Whether that’s actually a thing, the fact remains that people prefer to use the platform as they have over the years.


You can still make Fleets now, but you won’t have long. According to the post, Fleets will officially be dead sometime in August. This means that fans of the feature will have a month and a half at most to enjoy it.

What’s next for Twitter

Now that Fleets are going away, there’s a hole that Twitter is looking to fill. The company said that it is looking for other ways for users to interact with Twitter. This brings into question what the company is going to do this. To many peoples’ dread, Twitter creating its own version of TikTok is not off the table.

In the post, It’s said that Twitter may bring some of Fleets’ features over to normal tweeting. Features like stylized text, the full camera view, and GIF stickers. These features will definitely make tweeting more fun. Instead of a block of plain text, one could use an animated sticker or large and colorful text to express their thoughts.


While Fleets are going away, Twitter is giving you more control over regular tweets

People always want control over who they interact with online. Recently, Twitter gave people the ability to unmention themselves from tweets they were tagged in. Now, Twitter has just released another feature to help you avoid unneeded interactions.

Twitter lets you control who can reply to your tweets. This feature isn’t all that new; you were able to control who could reply while composing the tweet, but not after it was sent. Now, you have the ability to change who can reply after the tweet is sent.

This can come in handy if a new person enters the conversation and causes trouble. It can also come in handy if you have a change of heart. The feature is currently out.