Twitter Will Make It Easier To Search DMs

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Twitter has been making some changes here and there to the platform to make life a little easier. The latest change that the company is working on is an easier way to search DMs. This was leaked via Nima Owji on Twitter.

This easier way to search DMs involves useful tabs

Right now, when you look at your DMs, you have two options. You can use the search bar up top to search your friends and groups. You can also just scroll down the list of your most recent DMs. This has been working well for all involved, but Twitter will be adding an easier way to search DMs.

The new view will have separate tabs on the top of the message feed. When you make a search in your DMs, you will see a “Peoples” tab, a “Groups” tab, and an “All” tab.


The screenshot only shows how it looks when searching, so we don’t know if you will see the tabs without searching. Hopefully, you won’t need to search to get the tab view. It will be easier to just open the DMs and have everything already organized.

Twitter is still testing this out way to search DMs

This addition will be a breath of fresh air for people who get a lot of DMs, but it might be a while before it starts hitting phones. Since this is a leaked screenshot of a test, we’re not sure how long it will take before Twitter officially launches this.

Since Twitter hasn’t officially said anything about this, we can’t be 100% sure that this feature will even get an official launch. Only time will tell if this will see the light of day.


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