Twitter Is Testing A 'Downvote' Feature For Tweets

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Web platforms like YouTube and Reddit aren’t shy about having a dislike system. While most platforms only let you like/upvote posts, Twitter is giving a limited amount of people the ability to downvote tweets. This comes to us from a tweet from the company.

The ability to downvote tweets is being tested in a very limited capacity

Folks on Android will be disappointed to know that this feature is being tested on iOS devices only. Twitter pushed this out to iOS users recently and is only doing this to see what kind of feedback they give.

In the tweet, there are three screenshots that show different styles of like and downvote icons. The first one replaces the heart icon (only on replies ) for a green upward arrow while the downvote is an orange downward arrow. The second one retains the red heart for the likes with the downvote as the orange arrow. The last one has both icons as thumbs up/thumbs down icons.


There are some important details that Twitter wants you to know

In the tweet, Twitter made a point to outline some important info. Firstly, it said that this is NOT a dislike button (but what else would you call a button that expresses a dislike of a person’s content?). Also, Twitter said that the downvotes are not going to be public. The data will only be seen by the downvoter and Twitter.

Next, Twitter stated that this will not change the order of replies. This means that it’s not going to employ a hierarchy system that places the most downvoted tweets at the bottom, most likely.

Since this is in such a limited testing stage, it may be a while before we see this launch officially. There’s even a chance that we won’t see this at all, so only time will tell.


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Downvotes are in, and Fleets are out!

The ability to downvote tweets is not the only interesting talking point with Twitter. Folks who like the company’s “stories” clone, Fleets, will have a limited time to enjoy the feature. The company recently came out and said that it’s getting rid of Fleets.

In a blog post, Twitter stated that it just wasn’t getting the response that it was looking for. Because of this, it’s ditching Fleets and will push out some changes to regular tweeting. Twitter said that it wants to find other ways of integrating video into regular tweets.


This might be true, as the company just recently improved the in-tweet camera. There may be more changes coming to the platform, for better or worse- but that’s how social media goes.