Never Lose Your Keys Again With This Tile & Echo Dot Bundle

Tile Echo Dot Sale 1

Tile is having a sale over at Amazon on a few of its different products, including a 4-pack of the Tile Mate, which comes with a 4th-Gen Amazon Echo Dot as part of the bundle. The Echo Dot is a great item to have in the home even by itself. But it’s even better when you get four Tile Mate trackers along with it. And for a discount no less.

Normally retailing for $120, Amazon has this particular bundle on sale for only $80, so you save $40 altogether. With these Bluetooth trackers, you can use them for all kinds of stuff. Though some of the most common things people attach them to are car keys, smartphone cases, purses and bags.

They work best when you’re within range of the Tile Mate you’re trying to find. But they can also be located if they’re outside of the range of the Tile app. In this case, what the app will do is ping the Tile’s last-known location. So you can still have a chance to find whatever it is that you lost. The range of the Bluetooth connection to these tags is about 200 feet. So plenty enough range for around the house or the office.


Alternatively, say you lost your phone and you need to find it. If you already have one of these Tile Mate tags connected to it, you can use the Mate to find your phone.

Lastly, as you already may have guessed since these are bundled with an Echo Dot, the Tile Mate has Amazon Alexa support. So you can ask Alexa to find your keys and more. If Alexa is able to connect the Tile Mate tag, it should kick you back a response with where it’s located.

If you want to snag this deal for yourself, you can do so by clicking here.


Tile Mate & Echo Dot 4th Gen Bundle - Amazon