TikTok Is Testing A New 'Shoutouts' Paid Video Format

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Getting paid online has become easier than ever. There are multiple social media platforms that let creators accomplish that. And now, as per the latest report, TikTok is also testing a new paid video format called “Shoutouts.”

BuzzFeed was the first one to take note of this new development. FYI, TikTok has been the top-grossing app in the first half of 2021. So, the new format is meant to rake in more users.

Shoutouts basically will allow TikTok-ers or content creators on the platform to request custom videos from their favorite creators on TikTok and pay for the videos with in-app currency.


This paid video format is a give-and-take way from TikTok for its content creators. Notably, this new TikTok feature Shoutouts is available for some creators in Turkey and Dubai.

Sadly, there is no information on when TikTok will bring this new Shoutouts feature to other markets. It seems like it is still in its early testing phase.

TikTok will review the request done by a user to a creator, and after finding everything as per their guidelines, will lend approval.


With TikTok Shoutouts the user needs to pay for the request upfront

As noted by PhoneArena, since TikTok is not OnlyFans (ahem!), for any request made to the creators, you have to pay for it upfront.

Then, as already mentioned, after necessary review and approval, you will receive the custom video request in your TikTok direct messages.

Anything that does not meet the guidelines of TikTok will be rejected. However, there is no mention if money would be sent back if a request is not approved.


According to the official points mentioned in the screenshots of the “How It Works” list, you need to wait 3 days for your creator to accept the request.

Earlier this month, TikTok also announced that it will be introducing longer video formats, 3-minute videos to be specific for the platform. Besides, this feature is already rolling out for users across the globe.

Creators can take advantage of this longer video format to make more detailed videos about anything, giving them more flexibility to present their content.


Now, with this new paid video format called Shoutouts, TikTok is extending the list of features of its app. Just for those who do not know, TikTok apparently also introduced TikTok Jump. These are mini-widgets that creators can link to their videos.