You Can Watch Disney+ In Your Tesla With The Latest Update

Tesla Teslarati

Tesla is rolling out a new update to its vehicles, which brings support for Disney+ among other things. Tesla updates its vehicles somewhat often, one might say a Tesla EV might get more updates than an Android smartphone.

This is part of the 2021.24 update, and it brings about a bunch of new features, according to this Reddit post.

Disney+ will now be able to be used in the Theater Mode. Along with other apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Twitch. This will allow you to watch some TV shows while you are waiting for your Tesla to charge.


New Car Wash Mode and dashcam auto-save are also in this update

Also part of this update is a new “Car Wash Mode” which will secure the vehicle for a scrub down. When it is activated, it will close or disable everything from the windows to wipers to sentry mode and the parking sensor chimes. Those that using car washes with conveyor belts, it’ll be able to switch the free roll option to neutral, which will prevent the car from auto-braking if you leave.

There’s also the new dashcam auto-save feature which will now automatically store clips whenever the vehicle detects a safety event. And to keep your privacy protected, Tesla has chosen to make this an opt-in feature. Clips will be stored locally and never shared with Tesla.

There’s a few more features coming in this update, like auto-dimming for mirrors, more battery information, remain connected to WiFi in drive, among many other things.


Tesla is pretty good about updating their vehicles with new features, even years after you make your purchase. Which is why a lot of Tesla owners say that their cars get even better over time. Which is good news, since Tesla vehicles are not cheap. The Model 3 starts just shy of $40,000.