The Steam Deck UI Is Taking Over The Job Of Big Picture Mode

Valve Steam Deck 2

The Steam Deck, revealed last week, has a spiffy new UI that is apparently going to replace Steam’s Big Picture Mode. This is according to a Valve employee post on the Steam Forums. Though you can’t actually check the link right now because Steam is having issues and is currently down for many users.

Steam’s Big Picture Mode has been around for years. And when it arrived it was positioned as a better user interface experience for bigger TVs and monitors. As well as controller players. But Valve hasn’t updated the UI much, and it seems to be getting a little long in the tooth.

Enter the Steam Deck. With its flashy, more enticing UI that is no doubt easier to navigate. As well as more visually appealing to the user.


The Steam Deck UI will replace Big Picture Mode sometime in the future

The forum post doesn’t appear to mention anything about timelines. So when the replacement is supposed to happen is unclear. But sometime in the future seems like a likely scenario.

A logical time for the UI replacement would be sometime around when Valve launches the Steam Deck. Which is supposed to start shipping to the first wave of buyers in December of this year. Of course Valve could always update the UI before then. Assuming it’s ready.

The Steam Deck UI has updated features that will let players interact with multiple things at once. Like playing your game, checking on your friends’ current activities, receive recommendations and browse new Steam Store entries all at the same time.


A necessary switch

While Big Picture Mode was great for what it was, Valve, and likely some players, feel there’s a need for an update. These days Big Picture Mode feels a bit clunky. And by the looks of it, the Steam Deck UI will be much more user-friendly.

It’s unclear if the new TV UI will look exactly as it does on the Steam Deck. But based on appearances it seems no changes would be needed. As it looks like it would be right at home on a bigger screen.