You Can Soon Receive Stadia Friend Invites Through Email & Text

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Google appears to be setting up the ability to send friend invites on Stadia though email and text. According to a new report from 9To5Google. Currently, the only way you can add friends on Stadia was if you know their actual Stadia name.

And while that’s easy enough to get if you personally know the friends you want to add, it’s just a lot simpler to add them through email or by phone number. This way, you don’t have to ask people what their Stadia names are. You can just send an invite out via methods you already know. As you likely have your friends’ phone numbers and emails stored.

Stadia friend invites should be possible in two new ways soon

While we can’t say for certainty that every single Stadia user will see these changes, the guess is that it’s pretty widespread. Worth noting is that this is a change you will see in the Stadia app on your mobile device.


Naturally, since it deals with sending invites via phone number. When you boot up the Stadia app, you should see a little orange dot on your profile avatar. This is to indicate that there’s a change to something in the settings. And in this case, it’s the addition of new methods of sending friend invites.

If you follow this indicator, you will end up seeing a toggle with a drop down menu with the “new” tag next” to it. This toggle lets you turn on the ability to receive friend invites via phone numbers and emails. However, the feature doesn’t actually appear to be live just yet.

While you can enable it, there’s not an option to send an invite using email or phone number. So this is probably just Google laying the groundwork for it when the rest of the feature is ready to go live.


Still, if you want to send and receive friend invites this way, you might as well enable it now. So things just work when everything else is in place and ready to go. Then you won’t have to go back and toggle it on later.