Spotify Adds New 'What's New Panel' To Show New Releases From Your Favorite Artists

spotify whats new featured

Spotify is always trying to lure users to its platform by adding new features every now and then. Recently, as per a new development, it is adding a new ‘What’s New  feature to showcase new releases from artists.

Using this new Spotify ‘What’s New’ panel, users will be able to quickly get updated regarding new releases from their favorite artists. The releases will include both new music and new podcasts.

To get your attention, a ‘bell icon’ is placed at the top of the Spotify interface. This new icon will show new releases from bands, musicians and shows that the user follows on the music streaming platform.


The feature will get updated in real-time. Meaning, every time a new track or podcasts of an artist goes live on Spotify, the bell icon will show a blue dot.

Notably, this will indicate to the user that the ‘What’s New’ panel has been refreshed with the latest content from the artists that you follow.

Spotify plans to roll out this new feature for both Android and iOS platforms

The good thing about this new feature is Spotify will bring it for both Android and iOS platforms. So, Spotify’s huge user base will get to experience the new feature.


Spotify will be rolling out the feature in the coming weeks. So, keep a lookout for a new update. Talking about the feature, this new Spotify ‘What’s New’ panel is similar to the ‘Release Radar playlist’ feature that Spotify already has.

Both the features are designed to indicate to the user about new releases from the artists they follow on the music streaming application. However, there is a difference in the way they handle this task.

As noted by The Engadget, the ‘Release Radar playlist’ uses a mix of human and software help to curate the songs you will like (most probably) from a new album, EP, or single.


On the other hand, Spotify ‘What’s New’ will highlight all the latest releases, be it music or podcasts from all of your favorite artists that you follow. This forgoes curation for comprehensiveness.

Moreover, ‘What’s New’ has an advantage over ‘Release Radar playlist’, and that is the former has a dedicated icon in the interface. While the latter, being a playlist, can get lost among other playlists you have in your Spotify library.

As a reminder, you should check out if a new app update is available on either the Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS users.