Sony Has Sold A Whopping 10 Million PS5 Consoles


Sony today has confirmed that it just recently hit another sales milestone for the PS5. 10 million console units sold and shipped. This is taking into account global sales of the console and since it launched back in November of 2020.

And while a majority of the console units were sold as pre-orders and the couple of months post-launch, Sony has done well in the last few months too. Earlier this year, Sony announced it had sold nearly 8 million consoles. That was back around the end of April. Which means since that time it’s sold a couple million more.

No small accomplishment to be sure. And even more impressive when you factor in the semiconductor shortage that’s made it exceptionally hard for many consumers to buy a PS5.


Another PS5 sales milestone – the PS5 is Sony’s fastest-selling console ever

In relation to Sony’s 10 million consoles sold, the PS5 is also now the fastest-selling console in the company’s history of making and selling consoles. Outpacing the likes of even Sony’s wildly popular PS2. To be clear though, the PS5 is simply selling faster than the PS2. This doesn’t mean it has sold anywhere near the amount of units the PS2 has.

However, if the PS5 continues down this path, and is able to stay Sony’s fastest-selling console, it’s very possible that it could surpass the PS2 in units sold by the end of its lifecycle. A lot has contributed to the success of the PS5 thus far.

In particular, Sony draws attention to its product development team. Which was behind some of the PS5’s best and most innovative features. Like the 3D audio, the fast SSD, and the DualSense controller with its adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.


Sony also attributes much success to the hardware engineering and operations team. As they were instrumental in acquiring necessary components for building the consoles. During a global pandemic no less, wherein some of the hardware components have been in extreme short supply.

Although it’s still not easy to acquire a PS5, Sony says that it’s making steady progress with making the global supply more available to consumers.