PS5 Expandable Storage Arrives As Part Of The First Software Beta

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Expandable storage on the PS5 is one of the most sought after features, and it’s finally on the way thanks to the first software beta. Earlier this year, Sony announced the arrival of the software beta program for the PS5. At that time (and event still), you were able to register to be a part of the program.

Now as of today, the first software beta is rolling out to some PS5 users, with the expandable storage feature in tow. This will open up the ability to add an M.2 SSD to the open slot on the console. Which up until now has remained nothing more than an empty slot taunting you with the sheer fact that you’re probably running out of space for games.

The PS5 beta with expandable storage is somewhat limited

Limited how? Well, in a few ways. For one, Sony has confirmed that games running from this expandable slot will not be as fast as the ones on the internal storage. Which probably isn’t a huge issue since the difference is likely very small.


In addition to that though, Sony also recommends considering adding a heat sink to the M.2 SSD that you use. Mainly because using an M.2 SSD with the PS5 “requires effective heat dissipation with a cooling structure.” Sony also says that users can “add one themselves.” And that both single-sided and double-sided formats are optional.

The good news is that you can buy M.2 SSDs with heatsinks already attached. Like this WD_Black SN850. It comes with 1TB of storage and the heatsink. Though you can also get it without the heatsink and it’ll cost about $50 less.

It also uses PCIe Gen4 technology, and has read speeds of up 7,000MB/s. Both of which meet the recommendations that Sony laid out. Which are that the SSD run on PCIe Gen4, and have read speeds of up to 5,500MB/s.


3D audio for TV speakers is included too

The beta software is actually quite large. And includes more changes than you might think. Including 3D audio support for TV speakers as opposed to just headphones.

There’s also some customization options, improved management of the friends tab and a whole lot more.