This Is The Best Price You'll Find On The SimpliSafe Security System

SimpliSafe Home Security System Sale

There’s many ways to protect your home, but why not make things easy on yourself by letting SimplisSafe handle the home security stuff for you, as right now you can pick it up on sale for a much lower price than usual.

The retail cost on the SimpliSafe Home Security System is $220. However, Best Buy is offering it for a limited time sale price of $129. Saving you nearly $100. There are lots of great features for this thing, but two of the best are the Amazon Alexa support and Google Assistant support. With these you can arm the home using just your voice. Regardless of whether you use either of those two virtual assistants.

This means you can also do it remotely if you forget to arm the home after you leave. So long as you have your phone on you and it has a connection to the internet.


With the SimpliSafe Home Security System, you’ll get the base station, which is what connects directly to the WiFi network in your home, as well as a motion sensor, a keypad, and 4 entry sensors. You can add more entry sensors to your setup if needed. But if not, the kit already comes with 4 which might be more than enough for some.

And astoundingly, the system will detect intruders and alert the authorities as needed. But, it won’t do so for pets. So you’re not getting any false alarms. Meaning you can be worry-free while your furry companions are home alone roaming around the house.

The best thing of course is that SimpliSafe is also simply easy to set up. In a matter of minutes you can have it connected without having to drill holes in the walls or use any other special equipment. Grab this deal for yourself before it’s over by clicking this link.


SimpliSafe Home Security System - Best Buy