Samsung's Now Official Galaxy Chromebook Go & More Are At AT&T

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go lifestyle

AT&T has now announced that it will be offering the new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go. The brand new budget-friendly Chromebook packs a 14-inch display with an HD resolution on a clamshell hinge. As well as a late model Intel Celeron processor with plenty of RAM and storage. But it’s got something extra too.

Rather than simply relying on Wi-Fi for connectivity, Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go packs support for the AT&T 4G LTE network. So users can access everything that Chrome OS has to offer, from Phone hub to productivity- or entertainment-focused Android and Linux apps on the go.

What is Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go?

00 Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go presser
01 Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go presser
02 Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go presser
00 Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go presser
01 Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go presser
02 Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go presser

Of course, despite the branding here, this is clearly not going to be a top-tier Chromebook. Instead, it’s meant to be an entry-level gadget that keeps users moving on the go.


To that end, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go is packed with a healthy 4GB of RAM and 32GB of eMMC storage. That’s going to be plenty of storage too, given the Chrome OS platform’s cloud-ready nature. Especially with consideration for AT&T 4G LTE support. Helping to bolster and power Nearby Share, Phone Hub, and other platform-exclusive features.

Driving the experience and also packed into the sleek frame of this gadget, Samsung opted for a Jasper Lake Intel Celeron N4500. Which won’t necessarily bring the biggest leap in power but will be efficient. And shouls have enough power to drive most Android and Linux applications users might need.

The screen size, conversely, is set at 14-inches at a resolution of 1366 x 768. That’s placed on a 180-degree hinge so that the display can be laid flat for multi-user scenarios.


In terms of the build, this Samsung hasn’t been certified, necessarily. But it has been tested to MIL-STD-810G-equivalent standards. So it’s going to survive drops, spills, and other hard usage along with the best devices in the category. All without losing the slim, sleek design that earns this Chromebook its “Galaxy” branding. But, unlike Samsung’s other Galaxy Chromebooks, in a product that’s priced more feasibly for the everyday user.

Screen size14″ at 1366 x 768 pixels, 180-degree hinge design
SoCIntel Celeron N4500 (Jasper Lake)
BatteryUp to 12 hours
Connectivity & Ports2x USB Type-C ports
1x USB 2.3 port
microSD card, multimedia card reader
3.5mm headphone jack
Wi-Fi 6
OSChrome OS
Weightapproximately 3 lbs

If you don’t like Chrome OS, Samsung has you covered anyway

Of course, for anybody who isn’t a fan of Chrome OS, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go — via AT&T or elsewhere — may not be the best fit. But that’s not necessarily going to be an issue. AT&T is also set to offer the Samsung Galaxy Book Go 5G, offering a near identical device with Windows performance.

The key differentiator here, according to AT&T, is that this device will offer full support for its 5G network. And, of course, this brings the tried and true productivity and performance that’s made Windows such a widely-used operating system.


Pricing and availability

Now, as of this writing, AT&T hasn’t made any pricing or exact availability information available. Samsung is, however, selling this Chromebook starting at as low as $129.99 direct via its site. Although, it isn’t immediately clear whether that includes 4G support. And that’s the price with an eligible trade in. This Galaxy Chromebook Go, from Samsung, starts at $299.99.

Similarly, reports have also indicated that an LTE version will be made available in the coming weeks from Verizon.

In any case, the devices will almost certainly cost just a little bit more with support for mobile data, as is often the case. But there’s an equally good chance that discounts will be offered to customers of either carrier.


More details about the pricing and availability of the Windows-powered Samsung Galaxy Book Go will become available in the coming weeks as well.