Samsung Is Coming Down Hard On Supply Chain Leakers

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Samsung is coming down hard on people leaking its devices ahead of launch. Several prominent leakers have recently suggested that the company is using copyright claims to take down leaked images and videos posted online. It appears the Korean firm is also looking to go deeper into the root of this problem.

According to fresh reports, Samsung has issued strong warnings to its partners in the supply chain. Every leak originates from the supply chain unless someone in the company’s office decides to share exclusive info about its unreleased products to their friends.

On a serious note, partner firms in the supply chains have plenty of confidential information about unreleased products. However, not everyone in these firms respects those confidentiality terms. Someone or the other leaks out the information and it spreads on the internet like a wildfire.


To that end, Samsung is now reportedly requiring companies in its supply chains to apply stringent policies so their employees aren’t able to leak confidential information. It is handing out copyright statements to them.

Samsung now wants to put an end to supply chain leaks

Leaks are now a major part of the smartphone industry. It’s now very hard for OEMs to keep a device under wraps till its official announcement. On one hand, this means a free advertisement for the companies, as the industry goes abuzz whenever a major leak surfaces on the internet. But on the other, leaks steal the excitement around the launch events. Pretty much everything gets revealed beforehand, so why would anyone bother to sit around for hours to listen to what they already know.

There’s also a possibility that leaks affect the sales of devices. Perhaps that’s why OEMs are cracking down on leakers. Apple is requiring some of its employees to wear body cameras in an attempt to try and stop this growing leak culture. Xiaomi is reportedly sending copyright claims to leakers as well. Now, Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker, is coming down hard on them.


One can’t say where these measures will lead to though. Perhaps Samsung leaks will die down in the coming months as people in its supply chains will now be more cautious about leaking confidential information. Even leaked materials will not likely stay up on the internet for long as Samsung is striking copyright claims. But only time will tell if the leak culture will go on a decline in the future.