Grab Either Of These Two Samsung Chromebooks For Up To $100 Off

Samsung Chromebook 4 product img

Walmart is having a sale right now on two different Samsung Chromebook models, which include the 11-inch and 15-inch Chromebook 4. Both of which are back to school ready and perfect for any student that either needs a laptop to take with them, or plans to do school from home.

You can save up to $100 on these, making both of them a pretty affordable option and a great buy. Specifically, Walmart is taking $100 off the smaller 11-inch Chromebook. Bring its price down from $229 to $129. Meanwhile the larger 15-inch model is down to $229 from $299.

Since these are Chromebooks you can expect some awesome battery life. And battery life is definitely something you want a lot of if you’re using your laptop for school. Especially if you don’t feel like toting around a power brick to keep it charged up. You’re looking at up to 10.5 hours of battery life on the 15-inch model, and up to 12.5 hours on the smaller 11-inch model.


In addition to the screen sizes, both laptops come with an Intel Celeron Processor N4000, as well as 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. That’s not a huge hard drive, but it’s probably more than enough for what these are generally going to be used for. And there’s always the SD card support if you need to get more space for images, documents, and other files.

Both laptops are also supposed to offer military-grade durability, so there’s less of a worry about small drops or dings. Though you definitely want to try and avoid dropping or dinging these laptops if at all possible.

Plus, these laptops will both support Gigabit WiFi if you have it. If you want to snag either of these deals for yourself, you can do so by clicking this link, which takes you directly to the landing page on Walmart’s website.


Samsung Chromebook 4 11-inch - Walmart

Samsung Chromebook 4+ 15-inch - Walmart