Samsung Calendar Update Adds Google Meet Integration

Samsung Logo A71 5G DG AH 02 2020

Even though Samsung is hard at work getting ready for its next Unpacked event, it still has time to focus on the little things. A new Samsung Calendar update is rolling out, and it will bring some neat changes, including Google Meet integration. This was spotted by SamMobile.

It’s easy to join a video call from the app

Even though the pandemic is still slowing down, some people are still living in a video call world. Samsung has made it a lot easier to be able to join video calls from the app. In the changelog, it mentions that you will be able to join events like Google Meet video calls from the calendar app. This most likely means that the call would need to be scheduled first.

While the Samsung Calendar update mentions Google Meet, it might not stop there. Samsung didn’t say that Google Meet was the only service you could join. The changelog merely says “Supports the Join button for events that include Google Meet video calls.” There will be other events that you could join.


The new Samsung Calendar update includes changes to the UI

Along with the Google Meet integration, there are a few other changes to the app that are coming out. Firstly, it’s tedious to search for items in a calendar if you don’t know what date you’re looking for. This is where the search feature comes in. With this new update, the search feature is moved from the contextual menu to the home page.

This is better for people who use the calendar a lot, accruing a bunch of events. Being able to quickly jump in the search whenever you need to look for something will make life just a bit easier. Along with that, you will be able to hide or show different accounts on the screen.

The next change has to do with the colors for the UI. Currently, there are six color options that you can choose from. With the update, you will have more colors to choose from. According to SamMobile, you will have access to twice as many color options from the My Calendar section.


If you are looking out for these changes to the Samsung Calendar app, it’s still rolling out. It might not be available for you just yet, so hang tight. The version number is, so keep an eye out.

Samsung’s Unpacked event is right around the corner

In case you haven’t heard, the next Samsung Unpacked event is soon to come. Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, right ahead of Xiaomi, meaning that there’s a lot of buzz around what the company will launch next. We’re going to be seeing the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3. If you are excited about this, then mark your calendar for August 11th.