Sadly, There Will Be No Oneplus 9T This Year

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OnePlus jumped on the semi-annual release schedule a while back, and it seems to be working for the company. It would launch a phone early in the year, then they would launch a more powerful “T” variant of their phone later in the year. This year, unfortunately, there will be no OnePlus 9T.

OnePlus didn’t tell us why there’s no OnePlus 9T on the way

This news comes to us from a trusted leaker Max Jamor. In the short and sweet tweet, he simply says “No 9T.” It came as a bit of a shock to the public because we were all sure that there was going to be a OnePlus 9T. There was a recent leak that suggested one was on the way.

Back in May, a leak on Weibo pointed to the possible display technology for an upcoming OnePlus phone. As it turns out, however, it was most likely advertising the OnePlus Nord 2. That leak also gave us news that there wasn’t going to be a OnePlus 9T Pro.


We’re not sure why the company ditched the “T” variant of the device this year, and we’re not sure if this is going to continue. OnePlus hasn’t made any statements about the subject just yet. For now, the company will need to rely on sales from its Nord series of phones to carry the rest of the year.

The global chip shortage might be a factor in this

Right now is a bit of a weird time for OnePlus, and other smartphone manufacturers in general. For starters, we can’t rule out this global chip shortage that’s going on. This chip shortage has been bottle-necking all of our favorite phone, game, and chip manufacturers over the past year and a half.

Since OnePlus is still on the smaller side compared to the Samsungs and Apples of the world. It could be facing some profound setbacks due to the shortage. This could be contributing to why there’s no OnePlus 9T slated to launch this year. Spending the money to manufacture and promote a device that won’t really sell doesn’t bode well for any company.


We also can’t rule out the merger with Oppo

OnePlus and Oppo have long been close. Being owned by the same parent company means that they share a lot of resources, leading to some design crossovers. It was recently announced that the two companies have officially merged. The way that OnePlus put it makes it sound like they’re just sharing more resources.

Though none of the companies said that this is a reason, it can’t be ruled out. It’s unclear what, if any, influence Oppo has over OnePlus, so that possibility is on the table. Only time will tell if we get a clear answer from OnePlus.