This Is One Of The Best Controllers You Can Get For Cloud Gaming

PowerA Moga XP5 A Plus Sale

If you want a good controller for cloud gaming, look no further than the Moga XP5-A Plus from PowerA, which is currently on sale right now over at Amazon for just $47.99. Normally this retails for $70, so you’re saving a decent amount on one of the best controllers you can get for cloud gaming.

Amazon isn’t the only retailer offering it at this price either. Walmart has it on sale for the $47.99 price too. Though you may get it quicker with Amazon.

When it comes to features, this controller has loads of them. Firstly, it’s a full size controller. So if you’re used to controllers like the Xbox wireless controller, this should feel comfortable and familiar to you. It also has a phone mount that comes with the controller. Which is handy if you’re playing games via services like Stadia or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


This will work for both Android and Windows 10 devices. Which means you can easily switch between playing Xbox games on your phone to playing Xbox games on your PC.

One of the best features if you’re using this with Android, is the built-in power bank. Cloud gaming can really drain the battery on your phone. But with the PowerA Moga XP5-A Plus, you can charge your phone while you play games via the cloud. Even if your phone still drains the battery faster than this charges, it’ll at the very least slow down the process of how quickly it drains.

There are two additional buttons on the back of the controller grips as well. And these are mappable so you can set them to whichever controls in-game that you feel might benefit from them. And because of their placement they should be easy to use.


You can pick up this controller at its sale price either from Amazon or Walmart by clicking here.

PowerA Moga XP5-A Plus Controller