Pixel 4 XL Warranty Period Extended By A Year In Some Regions

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Google has announced a one-year warranty extension for the Pixel 4 XL. Now, before you get too excited, let us break it to you that the extended repair program will cover “certain power-related issues” and only is available to users in a select few countries. Five countries, to be precise. Those include the US, Canada, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan.

According to an official support page (via), Pixel 4 XL units purchased in the above five countries will be covered under the additional warranty period if their device is having one or more of the following issues:

  • Not able to turn on the phone
  • The phone restarts or shuts down randomly without a manual restart or shutdown
  • Charging with an adapter
  • Wireless charging
  • The phone’s battery draining significantly faster than earlier in its use

In the US, eligible users can walk into the nearest uBreakiFix location to get their Pixel 4 XL repaired. They can also start the process online through Google’s repair center. However, if the phone is not eligible for free repair through the extended warranty program, then the users will be charged the repair cost. Google notes that users may also be charged a fee if the device has any damage that needs fixing before the company could investigate the power-related issue. Such damages include, not limited to, a cracked screen.


Google’s Pixel 4 XL users will enjoy a one-year additional warranty

Google stopped selling the Pixel 4 and 4 XL in August last year, less than a year after the devices arrived in the market. Released in October 2019, the phones are nearing their two-year anniversary. So many units will soon lapse their standard warranty period of two years. For an added peace of mind, Google is covering some power-related issues with its 2019 flagship (XL model only) for one more year under a new extended repair program for users in a few countries.

But, as said before, not every Pixel 4 XL user around the world will enjoy this one-year additional warranty. Google specifically notes that the units bought in Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, or the UK, are not eligible for this extended warranty, regardless of where you are using it currently. Users in these regions will get the usual two-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

But if you are eligible, then it is a nice perk to have. Always make sure to back up your important data before handing over your phone to a mechanic for repair.

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