OnePlus Watch Update Improves GPS Accuracy And Speed

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The OnePlus Watch has a new update coming its way. The B.62 update for the wearable is now rolling out globally and it brings tons of optimizations and improvements. Here is what you can expect from this update:

According to the official changelog, the latest update for the OnePlus Watch introduces optimizations and design changes to some watch faces to make them look better. Some watch faces are also picking up additional information such as dates. If you want to change the watch face, you can now long-press on the current watch face to enter the editing mode.

Optimizations to the layout of some interface buttons now make them more intuitive and convenient to use. The volume control function is getting some design changes as well, making volume adjustment easier and convenient for users. OnePlus also promises optimizations to the remote control camera interface.


Last but not least, the OnePlus Watch is picking up improvements to GPS positioning with the latest update. You should now see improved accuracy as well as speed while tracking your location with the OnePlus Watch, at least that’s what the company claims.

The latest OnePlus Watch update is now rolling out incrementally

Ever since the OnePlus Watch reached consumers’ hands, there have been complaints of software issues left, right, and center. The Chinese company has been able to address some of those issues with updates in the past. However, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. The latest update now aims to make the experience better for users.

As always, this is an incremental update, meaning it will roll out to a small group of users initially. Once the OTA (over the air) package is confirmed to be bug-free, OnePlus will make the update available to all eligible OnePlus Watch users globally.


That said, user comments on the official thread announcing this update on the OnePlus forums suggest there are some bugs. At least a couple of users have confirmed that the red notification dot, that appears at the bottom of the watch face every time the watch receives a notification, is inconsistent. Sometimes it appears, sometimes it doesn’t. The accuracy and speed of GPS positioning are also apparently unchanged despite OnePlus promising some improvements.

Nonetheless, if you’ve received this update in your OnePlus Watch, you might want to see it for yourself. Make sure that the watch has more than 40 percent of the charge remaining before proceeding with the update to avoid any issues.