OnePlus Buds Pro Coming On July 22 With ANC, Great Battery Life & More

OnePlus Buds Pro teaser

It seems like OnePlus is planning to announce a new pair of truly wireless earbuds on July 22, the OnePlus Buds Pro. This information actually comes straight from the company.

The company shared an image you can check out above. It clearly confirms the name of these earbuds, and it shows the earbuds themselves, though not in full. The image is also darkened a bit, just to keep things interesting.

The OnePlus Buds Pro earphones are coming on July 22

These will be in-ear earphones, and will feature a stem design with a glossy finish. The rest of the earbuds will have a matte finish, which is easily noticeable in the provided image. So, OnePlus is aiming for a two-tone design of sorts.


Some other details were also confirmed. These earbuds will offer adaptive noise cancellation, thanks to three microphones that will be included. Those microphones should be able to monitor exterior noise, and intelligently produce noise-cancelling counter frequencies.

The OnePlus Buds Pro should also be able to provide great battery life. Battery life of up to 38 hours is promised with the included charging case, but with ANC off. If you do keep ANC on at all times, you should be able to get up to 28 hours of battery life.

Warp Charge will be supported

Warp Charge will be a part of the package, so the charging case will charge up in no time. You should be able to get 10 hours of battery life with a 10-minute charge. The charging case will also support wireless charging, though it will be slower than wired charging (2W compared to 10W).


CNET claims that these earbuds will be quite similar to Apple’s AirPods Pro when it comes to both design and size.

OnePlus says that it has been working on these earbuds since July 2020. So, they were in the making for about a year at this point. Everything will be revealed on July 22, so mark your calendars.