Whoops, OnePlus Accidentally Praised Samsung's Smartphone

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Someone over at OnePlus’ social media team made quite a mistake. The company’s OnePlus India Twitter handle tweeted out about the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, praising the smartphone.

OnePlus praised Samsung’s smartphone by accident via social media

OnePlus India shared a brief video of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, with the caption “The enhanced #SPen is my weapon of choice”. This is obviously Samsung’s promo material.

Now, it seems like whoever tweeted this was supposed to tweet via Samsung India’s handle, not OnePlus’. Is it possible that the same person is handling both accounts? Well, it’s possible that the same agency is handling both accounts, as that would explain everything.


It’s either that, or one of OnePlus’ employees went off the rails, which is highly unlikely. Whatever the case may be, this happened, and even though the tweet has been removed, the damage has been done.

This won’t really affect OnePlus in a big way at all, but it did make for a funny occurrence. OnePlus even decided to joke about it later on. The company shared a tweet embedded below this paragraph.

The company jokingly told Samsung that it wouldn’t mind if it returns the favor and tweets about the OnePlus Nord 2. To take the joke even further, OnePlus’ main Twitter account responded by saying “you guys are in so much trouble”, and then shared a funny GIF of Hulk smashing Loki off the ground (from the Avengers movie).


Despite all the jokes, OnePlus’ management is probably not happy about this

Now, even though it seems like everything is great, based on the social media activity, someone at OnePlus is definitely not happy. Whoever made this error is probably in trouble one way or the other.

The timing of this blunder is rather interesting, though. It occurred just as the company has been accused of throttling a bunch of apps on its OnePlus 9 series devices. We’re not saying the two are connected, though, as OnePlus already responded to those accusations. Still, it’s quite an interesting timing.