Nova Launcher 7 Beta Now Available On The Google Play Store

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One of the most loved third-party Android launchers, Nova Launcher is all set for its next big release. Nova Launcher 7, aka Nova7, is now available in beta on the Google Play Store. The latest version, which has been re-written from the ground up, brings tons of changes throughout.

The changelog on the Play Store mentions visual refresh at the top. That’s because it’s getting some major changes on that front. The new version is written on top of “Launcher3,” the stock Android launcher that you’ve been seeing since Android Nougat. So it brings the latest aesthetic elements, including animations and visual styles from the stock launcher code. These may not be immediately noticeable unless you pay attention to tiny details. But things will feel more modern with the latest version.

Earlier versions of Nova Launcher were built on top of Launcher2. It required developers to work more to bring features from AOSP (Android Open Source Project). With Launcher3, Nova7 should get new Android features sooner than before.


Nova7 also brings true gesture navigation support along with several other functional improvements. The search bar gets a new weather icon. It lets you customize the location and temperature unit. The company promises enhancements to Nova Search as well.

Nova Launcher Prime users (a $4.99 purchase on the Google Play Store) also get swipe-down actions on icons for both individual apps and folders. You can assign it to any Nova option, app, or shortcut.

Other notable new features include custom widget corner radius and the ability to reshape themed icons and toggle reshaping per icon. You can find the full changelog for the 7.0.39 beta here.


Nova Launcher 7 beta finally arrives on the Google Play Store

If you recall, this isn’t the first time we are saying Nova Launcher 7 is available in beta. Technically, the new version was released in beta in January itself, when the company first announced it. However, that beta build was available through Discord. So it wasn’t easily accessible to many people who usually prefer to download apps from the Play Store only. So this release feels more like a public beta rather than the earlier one.

Nonetheless, if you’re one of those who is all into Nova Launcher, go grab the latest beta release from the Play Store (link below). If you’re not yet enrolled in the beta program, click here. Watch this space for the public stable release of Nova Launcher 7.