You Can Pre-Order The Nintendo Switch OLED Today

Nintendo Switch OLED Model 1

Earlier this month Nintendo officially announced the Switch OLED but without mentioning when you would be able to buy or pre-order the new console. As it turns out, you can pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED model starting today. Right at 12PM PST.

Nintendo announced the news officially this morning through its Nintendo of America Twitter account. Unfortunately it doesn’t mention where you’ll be able to buy the console. However, retailers like Best Buy, GameStop and others are already listing the product.

This might be your only chance to pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED this year

If you’re interested in this new version of the Switch, which comes with some notable upgrades, you may want to grab a pre-order as soon as you can. Because the stock more than likely won’t last long. Due to the pandemic, semiconductor shortages have caused major stock issues for plenty of electronics. Game consoles and GPUs were hit the hardest. This includes the Nintendo Switch.


Earlier this year, Nintendo even stated that it thought it might have trouble keeping up with demand. Because there’s just not enough of the necessary chip components to build all of the consoles that it wants to. While Nintendo isn’t directly stating that the Switch OLED will have limited stock, there’s a good chance it will.

If the stock issues with the PS5 and Xbox Series X are any indication, Nintendo could face similar problems. With a mixture of scalpers using bot programs and regular consumers trying to buy one for themselves potentially snapping up any and all units.

Basically, decide on a retailer and be ready to place your pre-order right away. Just in case.


The console still doesn’t launch until October 8

While you can pre-order the console today, the Switch OLED won’t actually launch until October 8. So you’ll still be waiting a few months before it shows up on your doorstep. Having said that, it’ll be cheaper than Valve’s recently announced Steam Deck handheld, which starts at $399 and doesn’t ship until December.

Nintendo Switch OLED - Various Retailers