You Get A Free Memory Card With This Nintendo Switch Lite Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite Blue 2

Right now you can snag the Nintendo Switch Lite in a few different colors at a great price, as GameStop has this bundle on sale for $199. But wait, that’s not a sale price you say? You’d be correct, if the console was the only thing you got. But this is a bundle, so you get a little something extra.

For the sale price of $199, GameStop will sell you the Nintendo Switch Lite and a 128GB micro SD card to insert into the console. That way, you have something to install your games on.

Because, you know, you need it if you want to store games on the device digitally. That is unless you plan to only buy physical copies of the games you play. And even then, there are some games which are digital-only. So, you will probably want one of these at some point.


Normally, you would pay around $225 for this bundle. So you’re essentially getting the memory card for free here and that’s nothing to scoff at. Because it is an item that many people will end up needing anyway and free things that you need are always good.

The sale appears to be available for all colors of the Switch Lite, save for any special edition models that come with a themed design. And of course it isn’t available with any pre-owned versions of the console. So you’ll need to pick up the brand-new version at the $199 price for this deal to stick.

This also appears to be a Summer Sale, so it’s not clear exactly how long the deal will last. And if you’ve been wanting to pick up a Nintendo Switch Lite, now is a good time to go for it since you get the freebie.


If you want to pick up this deal for yourself, you can grab it from GameStop by clicking here.

Nintendo Switch Lite Bundle - GameStop