New Videos Tease Galaxy Watch 4 Features And Software

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Along with its Galaxy Fold and Flip devices, Samsung is soon to be releasing some new Galaxy smartwatches. A couple of new videos, from SamMobile, have just released, showing us some of the new watch faces that are expected to come along with these new watches. These Galaxy Watch 4 videos also show us a little bit of the Wear OS 3 software.

These Galaxy Watch 4 videos showcase both watch variants

These videos are significant because Samsung and Google started collaborating on the next version of Wear OS. This means that what we see in these videos will set the stage for what we will expect from Wear OS 3.

There are two videos, but they show basically the same content. One video is for the Galaxy Watch 4, and the other one shows off the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. They start off by showing a collection of watch faces (a lot of watch faces). This is the area where the two videos differ.


The first video, the one for the Galaxy Watch 4, shows watch faces like an analog face that displays your heart rate, sleeping numbers, and other health information. Another one displays the numbers 6, 9, and 12, with the number 3 being represented by some sort of cute little creature.

The second video shows an array of elegant analog watch faces. Some of them were from Initial. The one that displays your health information is also present in this video.

Get a glimpse of some applications

In these Galaxy Watch 4 videos, we see the usual selection of health apps that are present on most smartwatches and fitness trackers. There’s the step counter that also tracks the calories burned and time spent walking. There’s also the sleep tracker and the body composition meter.


As for other applications, we see the Google Maps app. The videos didn’t really show much of the app, but we were able to see the search button at the bottom for easy navigation. There’s also a compass app that gives the exact degrees and even shows the incline. This could hint at more accurate location tracking with the new WearOS.

The software makes an appearance too

Even though these videos were short, they showed how Wear OS 3 might look. For example, you get a brief glimpse at what looked like an Apple Watch UI. When navigating to the Google Maps app, there’s also circular app bubbles arranged in a rough grid. The apps didn’t appear to grow as you navigate to them as on Apple Watches

With these new changes to Wear OS, it seems like Google is really working to flip the script on its smartwatch operating system. Folks who are in line for these new Galaxy Watches will be able to try out the software first. Others will have to wait until late 2022, unfortunately.